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Inspect-It 1st Property Inspection is the Premier Property Inspection company in New York servicing Realtors, buyers, sellers, and others with our professional home and building inspection services. Since 1991, we have been the home inspection provider of choice for those who want the best and complete local inspection services. Our high-quality and thorough inspection report, training, experience, and level of client care are unmatched.

Mission & Vision

To continue to be the premium residential and commercial property inspection company for buyers, sellers, investors and real estate agents by providing the industry’s leading inspection report, consistently delivering an unmatched level of client service and upholding our unwavering commitment to ethics, expertise and excellence in our profession.

To continue to earn people’s trust and confidence, so they whole-heartedly choose to ‘Inspect-It 1st’ whenever they, a friend, or a family member needs information to make an informed property decision. In this manner, we are the Gold Standard among property inspection companies, serving as educator and consultant for people seeking property related knowledge and giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

We will achieve our Mission and Vision by adhering to our Core Values.

Core Values

The following encapsulates our values and governs our day-to-day decisions and services. Adhering to these core values has enabled us to be financially successful, develop strong personal and working relationships with others and become meaningful supporters of community service organizations that are important to us. We believe the key to our continued success lies in remaining true to these values.

We revere honesty and forthrightness. We adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Golden Rule
We respect others and treat them in the way that we want to be treated.

We clearly state and share our objectives with our employees, affiliations, and others. We measure our performance against these objectives and react to new information, changes and opportunities by adjusting our business processes to achieve and surpass our objectives.

We are committed to continuously improving our performance in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.