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Honest reviews written by real customers

Here are just a few of the many testimonials that we have received from clients and real estate professionals who chose to “Inspect-It 1st!”


Honest reviews written by real customers

Mitch and I truly appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to inspect this home we're considering purchasing. There are situations in life when nothing but the best will do and that's what led us to ask you to do this project. We knew we would get a superior product completed by a true professional.


I was confident the house would do well on the inspection, and it was a great comfort to Tom and Diane to actually be there while you worked. I will definitely keep your information packet on my desk and hope to work with you again soon!

Robin M

Your thorough and expedient work has impressed us. We will be sure to recommend you to a friend. Thank you!

St Catherine Laboure Church

Thank you very much for a good job well done yesterday and thank you also for all of the copies so nicely presented.


We were really impressed with your quality of inspection. I was kind of nervous not being able to be there but I felt very comfortable with the report. I would definitely recommend you to anyone else.


Thank you for the prompt and generous response to the Gordon's on Wickiup.

Kim K